Stats For Web Sites

Use a tool to monitor the stats (statistics) for your web surfer visits (not just hits) on your site.  Visits and hits on your site are different. When a client lands on your site, that makes 1 visit.  Sometimes 1 visit can generate multiple hits so the hit count on a some web monitor tools is a far greater number and not as useful as the Visit count.  You can download the Webalizer for free on but make sure you read the instructions and terms.  For other tools similar to the Webalizer product, we recommend you research the best tool for your environment.  Webalizer is not affiliated with us so use at your own discretion.

Webalizer is free with hosting plans from so good for the non technical person.  For you techies, best to set up a Googe Analytics account.  This means adding code to your website.  If you have a WordPress Blog site, there is a simple free plugin you can install and all you have to do is add the Google Analytics ID once you add the new project for that Blog Site in Google Analytics.

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