Bizness Inc

Bizness Inc. Background


Bizness Inc was incorporated in March of 1994. In the mid to late 1990s it performed Y2K (Year 2000 programming) contract work and all its clients successfully migrated to year 2000 without any problems. In the late 90s, the President started taking the company into the web world and making it a leading edge firm staying on top of the latest web technologies.

Bizness Inc has world class software and allows its products to be purchased in modules for clients to use only what they need. Bizness Inc. designs its systems for international use with help, screen text and combo box drop down text to be stored in the database for new languages to be easily incorporated. Bizness Inc. added Archiving to all systems as well as an Interface to External Accounting Systems. Bizness Inc. uses all the latest security in all their systems to protect corporate data and block intruders as well as SSL and credible E-Merchant Gateways for secure credit card authorizations and transactions with automatic back end mail and alert systems.


We design end to end web solutions from database design, web code programmed for SEO, ASP.NET Code writing and deployment, ticket Support to test new systems and going live, web advertising for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve web site search rankings. .


Bizness Inc. recorded live screen shots in windows movie format for its main systems. These short movies on DVDs let new users pause and restart the movie to have the exact screens up beside the DVD movie. Each DVD on our main systems we sell, contains over 50 steps / 50 video clips (major uses of the system) broken down into short training video sessions with audio, visual and mouse movements to get clients up to speed quickly on a system. Html Documentation as well as customizable screen documentation was added for all systems to clients can get help quickly on a particular screen. Topic help index screen was added to all system so clients can look up a topic an get help right inside the system on the web.


Bizness Inc.’s Head office is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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